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Sevastopol: Grafska (Count's) Quay
Grafska Quay nowadays and a hundred years ago

One of the main symbols of Sevastopol, a city-naval base for Ukrainian and Russian Black Sea fleets and a scandal center of NATO-phobia in the Crimea, is Grafska (Count's) Quay.

Today it has its old name back, but in early Soviet years the quay was named after the revolutionary Third International (a communism organisation also known as The Comintern).

So What About this Quay?

Fishermen's choice
what a nice man!

Today it is a parade berth, and used to be a simple wooden boat-handling peer in old times. Starting from Nakhimov Square, located in the centre of Sevastopol, its granite steps go down to the Black Sea. A broad staircase and quay was built for a visit by Russian carine Catherine II in 1787 and called "Katerynynska" in her honor. But the name "Grafska Quay", after the commander of the Black Sea fleet in the 1840s, Count Voinovich, has remained throughout history. The inscription "1846", written on its attic, is the year the quay got its current look. British military engineer J. Upton created the quay, working under the auspices of the Russian Empire. Officers of the White Army and others discontented with the Bolshevik government emigrated abroad from this historic place in 1917.

Nowadays Sevastopol fishermen occupy the quay - time changes.

Wanna Know How it Looked in Past?

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